Building Materials Salvage (BMS)

Everyone knows that there are valuable building materials on claims such as copper, aluminum and steel that have value in the recycling marketplace. Recycling yards all over the country pay good money for these materials.

When these items are replaced, the salvage value of the items rightly belongs to the carrier who replaced them. Today, vendors or policyholders often benefit from the salvage value on these items. Further, carriers are potentially paying to dispose of the material that isn’t even being thrown away! Innovative Salvage Solutions has created a way for carriers to recover the salvage value of building materials that addresses all the following:

  • It costs you no money – Fees are only paid when recovery happens as a percentage of recovery.
  • It costs your claims personnel virtually no time – The process happens seamlessly and is fully integrated into your existing claims process.
  • It requires no new internal process – The initiation of the recovery can happen without anyone having to even recognize the opportunity.
  • We take full responsibility for up to date pricing accuracy, tracking, and reporting.


    An average claim provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces the need for landfills and incineration – 190 pounds of material removed from landfills. This results in a significant reduction of millions of pounds across all claims.
  • Conserves natural resources such as copper, aluminum, and steel – Waste is the result of usage. By reducing waste, we are managing resources more effectively. As a result, the demands for natural resources will be much less and the planet’s resources will be used more efficiently.
  • Prevents pollution caused by the manufacturing of products from virgin materials – 74% Less air pollution is generated • 35% Less water pollution is generated • 58% Less water is required • 64% Less energy is required when reusing verses manufacturing from raw materials.
  • Helps create jobs in the recycling and manufacturing industries in the United States – 1.57 jobs, $76,000 in wages, and $14,101 in tax revenues is generated for every 1,000 tons of materials recycled.
  • Saves energy – 92% for aluminum – 90% for copper – 56% for steel when manufacturing with recycled materials verses raw materials.

How It Happens

  • We evaluate your claims for potential building materials salvage recovery based on the entries in your actual scope of work for the claim.
  • We accurately calculate the value of these building materials at the local scrap yard level.
  • We estimate the disposal savings for these items since they are being recycled.
  • We work with the carriers to estimate an appropriate fee to give the vendor to collect and transport the items to the local scrap yard ensuring that the vendor is made whole for their services to their policyholder.
  • We provide a detailed report explaining these calculations and a total savings number based on the sum of the calculations.
  • We attach the report to your scope as a vendor update.
  • Your claims representative simply confirms the salvage recovery number and applies the salvage recovery credit provided against the scope/claim.

Salvage Pricing Services

One of the easiest ways for a claims associate to recover salvage dollars is to sell a replaced item back to the policyholder. Most insurance carriers accomplish this recovery method in some form or another. However, it often turns out to be a method of conflict or hassle avoidance more than a system of salvage recovery. It also sets up the perfect environment for fraudulent situations.

  • If a policyholder thinks there is no system for valuing or handling salvageable contents then it makes sense to push for replacement of almost anything.
  • If a policyholder thinks they can get paid for, and keep, valuable and usable salvage items for free, or next to nothing, then you have a potential negative claims environment in which claims professionals can be put in a difficult situations with clients.
  • If a claims associate is forced to establish a value of an individual item to sell back to a policyholder the chances of them undervaluing or overvaluing that item are very high. The same would be true of a policyholder.

Innovative Salvage Solutions works as a third party vendor to come into this difficult salvage situation and make it better and more professional for everyone.

Pricing Services

With a unique login and password a claims associate can go into our online pricing tools and accomplish the following:

Using our “Instant Quote” tool they can print or email an instant quote for a specific item that gives an estimated range of value that we believe we could sell an item for on the open online market.

  • Find your item in the look up database of items and answer a few quick questions about age, grade, and condition and in seconds you will have a quote that can then be used to communicate with the policyholder.
  • Receive a report that gives a range of value for the Item.

Using our “Precise Quote” you can get detailed researched precise quote and reports for larger ticket items that have researched online links and documented industry professional conversations supporting the precise quote.


  • Improve the customers overall claim experience by providing documentation of the deals they can receive on salvaged household items.
  • Provide an actual system for handling customer retained salvage items and thus minimize the possibilities of fraud.
  • Make use of a third party provider so that they are not in a tough spot with the policyholder.
  • Improve salvage recovery on customer retained items.

Content Salvage Recovery Services

Insurance adjusters and claim representatives have difficult and demanding jobs. Recovering salvage dollars on personal contents replaced for residential policyholders has traditionally been time consuming and not very profitable. It’s often considered not worth the effort. As such, it most often does not get done.
Every insurance carrier can find a file where a vendor has been paid to clean and restore an item that didn’t restore to pre-loss condition. The item was placed on a total loss inventory, and the policy holder was compensated. Often salvage value is not recovered for this item. Many times it’s not even considered. The amount of uncaptured salvage is substantial.

Innovative Salvage Solutions has recognized this real problem and come up with a very valuable solution for the insurance industry. We believe that next to subrogation, salvage may possibly be the best way to improve loss ratios on residential claims today. There is no longer any reason not to get and track salvage recovery on each and every loss.

Our Solution

  1. Identify and tag the items for which you want salvage value. (Tags provided by Innovative Salvage Solutions, Inc.)
  2. Enter an order online at by using the Mitigold Live icon or call 877-445-7774. Each claim number will be one order regardless of the number of individual items.
  3. Net recovery returned to the insurance carrier within 2 weeks of the sale of the items

We do the rest.

  • Innovative Salvage Solutions or a qualified restoration vendor will pick up the items you have identified (and tagged) for restoration, documentation and storage.
  • The Innovative Salvage Solutions restoration vendor will take pictures and upload the pictures with a complete description of the item(s).
  • Innovative Salvage Solutions sales agent will do internal evaluation to determine…
    • Salvage recovery potential.
    • Restoration services needed to optimize value.
    • The best method of sale.
  • Innovative Salvage Solutions sales agent will order required restoration services from the vendor and follow until complete.
  • When restoration is complete, new pictures are uploaded, and the items(s) are placed for sale.
  • Innovative Salvage Solutions sales agent will work with all interested buyers and arrange for pickup or transportation of the item for the purchaser.
  • Funds will be transferred to insurance carrier.

Track every claim and every item along the way.

  • Know the status of every item
  • Know what each item is expected to bring at sale
  • Know what restoration services were ordered and how much they cost
  • Know when each item is expected to sell
  • Know what each item sold for, and what amount you will receive
  • Know the total amount if salvage dollars recovered by claims, by claim rep, by region, by carrier, etc.

Innovative Salvage Solutions takes all the risk. There is never any cost to our clients. All expenses and fees are retained from the actual recovery dollars once items are sold.

What’s Salvageable?

**Salvageable items will meet at least 5 of the following 6 criteria:

  • Approximate replacement value is over $600.00 (without depreciation)
  • Less than 10% of the item has visible damage beyond surface soiling
  • Estimated cost to restore (clean, repair, or deodorize) is less than 20% of replacement value
  • Restoration can restore full usefulness of item
  • Other personal property contents on the loss are being packed out, cleaned, and stored by a restoration vendor
  • You can see the item as having value to a large percentage of the potential buying market

In short we need to be able to sell an item online using our process for at least 200.00. If the item will not bring a return of at least 200.00 then it most likely will not meet the criteria. Items submitted that don’t meet criteria will be rejected.