Mitigold Live

Mitigold Live is our exclusively developed management software. This unique tool provides our customer the tools needed to submit and track salvage orders and to access the valuable pricing tools to help determine approximate value of replaced personal content items that a policyholder wishes to retain. It also gives our sales agents the information and resources necessary to process all our customers’ salvage requests. Following is a list of just a few things this online software accomplishes…

Pricing Tools

  • It provide our clients access to our pricing tools which allows instant price quotes for over a thousand personal content items that are being replaced under the policy and yet the policyholder wishes to retain
  • It also contains the precise quote pricing tool that provide researched reports on the value of large ticket personal content items

Salvage Orders

  • Capture the initial orders from our customers and notifies the appropriate Innovative Salvage Solutions agent.
  • Assist our agents in needed analysis of each salvage item including photo documentation and physical descriptions.
  • Help us work with our vendor network in ordering needed restoration services and tracking items.
  • Help us to determine what we need for a minimum sale price and a potential sale price for each item.
  • Assist us in tracking the listing(s) for sale and communications with potential end buyers. It also works in conjunction with our online store to provide an additional resource for the sale of each item and additional means for the needed financial transactions.
  • Help us track all costs, billing, final sale prices, and cash disbursements.
  • Allow our customers the opportunity to track each item they have reported, or multiple items together on a claim, and the money they are able to recover from our salvage efforts.
  • Allow for the generation of internal reports on the salvage efforts.


Our Building Materials Salvage services are processed through our strategic partner Accurence. Their fully integrated software application works with the leading industries estimating software to automatically generate our services within the claim file. This provides virtually instant reports and salvage recovery that once set up simply needs to be accepted in the file by the claims representative.